Felienne Hermans

Opening keynote: What is programming anyway?

All kids should learn to code! Yes, I think we programmers all agree with Bill Gates and Sheryl Sandberg that kids should learn programming. But what is programming? What should kids know? What should they practice? How should they practice? And how will we make programming more inclusive? 

In her keynote, Felienne will take you through her research on programming for children, as well as her quest to make programming education for everyone.

Dylan Beattie

Keynote: The Web That Never Was

The story of the web is a story about freedom. It's a story about information, about breaking down barriers, about creating new ways for people to communicate, to collaborate, and to share their ideas. It’s also a story that has as much do with marketing, money and meetings as it does with research and innovation. It’s a story of mediocre ideas that succeeded where brilliant ideas failed, a story of compromises, rushed deadlines and last-minute decisions. And it could so easily have been very, very different.

What if IBM had hired Digital Research instead of Microsoft to develop the operating system for their first PC, way back in 1980? What if Marc Andreessen and Jim Clark had gone to work for Nintendo in 1993 and never founded Netscape? What if one of the team at CERN had said “Tim, won’t it sound a bit silly if everyone spends the next fifty years saying double-you-double-you-double-you all the time”?

In this talk, Dylan Beattie will explore alternative history of the world wide web - a web with no Microsoft, no Windows; no Firefox, no Google and no JavaScript. A software industry from another timeline, a world of platforms, protocols and programming languages that are unmistakably alien - and yet strangely familiar.

So strap in, hold tight, and join us as take you on a journey through... the web that never was.

Callum Whyte

Migrating from V7 to V8

This talk will walk through migrating a simple Umbraco 7 site to V8. 

We’ll dive into the key differences between the versions, updating code to work with the new APIs, and bringing our content / settings over. Once up-and-running, we’ll get started with Variants, changes to Models Builder and the Core APIs, and taking full advantage of some of the latest and greatest features like Content Apps. 

Finally we’ll look at some more complex migration examples like Vorto => Variants, and work we can do on our sites now to be ready for a migration in future!

13:45 - 14:30 Perserij
Sebastiaan Janssen

The tools of our trade - Lifehacker, Umbraco edition

Are you unhappy with the time it takes you to do seemingly simple things when developing websites? This talk is for you!

Are you super productive already? Then this talk is also for you - you’ll learn something new, guaranteed!

Over the years I’ve peeked at other hundreds of people’s screens while they were working, while pair programming and pair debugging, doing training excercises, creating pull requests, etc. This is pure gold, I learn a lot about the tools that other people use and sometimes I get to impart some wisdom on my screen-buddy.

This session will be chock-full of things I learned over the past 20+ years.

We’ll start our journey with a super smooth Visual Studio debugging set-up, then some tools that will make your experience working with, and contributing to Umbraco a lot better.

From that point on we’ll need to spin the wheel of fortune, since there are too many other subjects to cover to fit into a single session!

Intended audience: Umbraco implementors / contributors from any experience level.

Matt Brailsford

Static Site Generation and Umbraco

As the web has grown over the years, the demands on hosting for a site have also increased significantly. What once could easily be hosted on a shared hosting account, now needs to do so much more, from dynamic site generation, to load balancing and scaling on demand, and protection against cyber attacks. The hosting landscape is now more complex than ever. 

But what if we could go back? back to a simpler time when web pages were just plain old HTML files and hosting was cheap and simple? Well, that's what a growing number of developer communities are doing via static site generation. 

In this talk I will look at what is static site generation, what benefits it can bring over traditionally dynamic site generation and also present a proof of concept demo for how this could work in Umbraco to give us a best of both worlds approach.

Niels Hartvig

Umbraco Closing Keynote

Umbraco Closing Keynote

Jeffrey Schoemaker

Using Umbraco as a Digital Marketing Platform

Do you want use Umbraco as a real digital marketing platform? Or are you already doing that? Big chance you've been using several external platforms and tried to integrate those into Umbraco. Maybe those platforms aren't really working together and they aren't really integrated into Umbraco. Is that the best we can do? What if Umbraco would be the digital marketing platform?

At Perplex we've decided to start developing a digital marketing platform called uMarketingSuite. Our goal is to create a full marketing suite, including Analytics, A/B-testing, personalization & marketing automation! In this session we will look into the approach we're taking, share our own expectations of the platform, show you the progress in the last couple of months, and maybe even do some live demo'ing!

If you need Marketing, and you love Umbraco, then you should see this talk!

Anders Sørensen

Next generation agencies on Umbraco Cloud

Umbraco Cloud empowers Umbraco Partners with all the benefits of using a managed service, including a constant flow of improvements and new functionality, but also by enabling partners to focus on building great solutions for their customers while Umbraco Cloud handles the hassle of deployments, hosting, upgrades etc. 

In this presentation, Umbraco Major Friend Maker Anders Trans Sørensen and CTO Jacob Midtgaard-Olesen will take you through the benefits of using Umbraco Cloud as an agency, including an update on some of the best features and use-cases out there today. 

But that’s not all! Umbraco has high ambitions on behalf of their partners and this presentation will also include a talk on the philosophy behind Umbraco Cloud being Platform as a Service and where we go from here to empower our partners even further to become “Next Generation Agencies”.

Paul de Metter

Future of Partnerships

Umbraco is changing. Competitors are changing. In fact, the whole digital ecosystem is changing and so are the partnerships. More than ever an open-source partnership model should be consisting as well; not protecting your network and solutions, but sharing those on a sustainable model.

Martin van Kranenburg

Get personal or get out :-)

Online personalisatie is dé trend in online marketing en website optimalisatie. Het biedt je de mogelijkheid om de juiste boodschap op het juiste moment aan de juiste persoon te communiceren. Met online personalisatie zorg je ervoor dat jouw bezoeker in het oerwoud van content alleen de informatie ziet die voor hem echt bruikbaar is. Hierdoor voelt de bezoeker van een website zich meer in control over welke informatie hij tot zich neemt, wat leidt tot een betere online ervaring en uiteindelijk in meer conversie.

Start met een plan! Waar kun je de meeste impact maken? Voor wie? In welke stap van de funnel? Dat zijn de vragen die je primair stelt. Dat doe je vanuit een raamwerk voor online personalisatie. Dat is een ware zoektocht, want een panklare oplossing is niet voor handen. Maar een en dezelfde website voor iedereen, dat kan echt niet meer.

One size – or site – fits all, dat is verleden tijd.

Dave Woestenborghs

Content Apps in Depth

With the release of Umbraco V8 a new concept called “Content Apps” was introduced. This talk will get you up and running with Content Apps.

Content Apps are great addition to your toolbox when it comes to providing a better experience. 

In this talk we will take you through

  • What they are intended for
  • Some great examples already available
  • How to build them
  • How to get the most out of them
Jeroen Vantroyen

Page Speed & how to improve it

Performance optimization but by sharing tips, tricks & ‘real life’ examples taken from projects instead of technical models. How to win a Google Hackathon? What does it take to bridge that final 20% in Google PageSpeed Insights? Is PageSpeed still the benchmark?

Jeroen Vantroyen (@Kosstamodjan), Senior .NET Developer bij The Reference, heeft het over performantie optimalisatie. Aan de hand van tips, tricks en waargebeurde voorbeelden uit klantenprojecten, maakt hij duidelijk hoe hij (en het team) de overwinning bij de Google Hackathon ( verdiend heeft. Iedereen kent ongetwijfeld de best practices om een site performant genoeg te krijgen om een OK score te krijgen volgens Google PageSpeed Insights, maar wat vraagt het nu echt om die laatste 20% te overbruggen? Is het waar dat 80% van jouw effort als (frontend)developer kruipt in die laatste 20% van de Google rating. En is PageSpeed Insights nog steeds de benchmark? Jeroen bekijkt het pragmatisch en zorgt voor heldere tips die vrij platform onafhankelijk toegepast kunnen worden.

Simone Chiaretta

Umbraco at the Council of EU

During this talk, I'll explain how we decided to use Umbraco in the Council of EU, and how Umbraco went from a simple proof of concept to being used in multiple mission-critical systems. This is not a very technical session, I'll squeeze in some lessons learned developing Umbraco in such a big organization, with people coming from many different IT backgrounds.

Emma Burstow

Your journey into Open Source

At every festival, meetup and in a myriad of blog posts, we are reminded as Umbracians that our contributions are needed. Before I made my first pull request, I doubted I had anything really to offer. It was with help and structured support that I discovered my contributions were not just wanted, they were invaluable. 

Timed especially for the global Hacktoberfest event, this session I will provide support to people who find themselves wondering if they have anything to offer and where to begin. I will begin by showing them how to use the tools they’ll need to begin; including github, a git client, an IDE and more. We’ll look closely at the art of choosing an issue from the issue tracker, the conventions they’ll need to follow when submitting that pull request, the common pitfalls associated with getting the codebase up and running, the need for the careful documentation of that work and much much more. 

This interactive session will take a hands-on approach full of practical advice and actual tuition that will empower attendees to continue to contribute throughout their careers. Attendees can go on to attend Hackathons with confidence and build themselves a personal portfolio of work on github.

Pascal Naber

The ultimate introduction to Kubernetes

You know what Docker containers are, but how to run Docker containers in production? How to ensure zero downtime deployment? How to instantly scale in case of peek loads?

Kubernetes is the number one orchestrator to host Docker containers and is offered by all major public clouds. Pascal will introduce you to Kubernetes using a real-world case and will show you how to get your Docker containers under control.

This talk will make clear why it’s great to use the cloud for running your container workloads. But you will also walk out of this session with a great fundamental knowledge of Kubernetes. Like what Pods, Services, Deployments, Secrets, Namespaces, and Ingress are and what you can do with it.

Join this session if you are starting the Kubernetes journey and need some help to get going!

Laura Weatherhead

Saving the world with Umbraco and GraphQL

This talk aims to introduce the audience to using GraphQL and Umbraco, and step through the process of mapping a custom data set and structure into the GraphQL API. The dataset we will be looking at in the demo is related to the impact that certain products or activities have on our carbon footprint and thus the wider implications for climate change. Getting this data into an API would be hugely beneficial to inform consumers and allow us to make intelligent decisions when it comes to spending our money and time.

The bulk of the talk will look at how we can create Graph objects from our custom data, how we tell GraphQL what data we want to be able to query and then extending on the community package by Rasmus J Pederson and Offroadcode to surface our structure alongside the existing Umbraco content query structure.

Outcomes of the talk will be that listeners:

  • Have a better understanding of GraphQL as a tool

  • Are given a starting point for how they could use it in their own projects

  • Acquire a brief glimpse of the impact that various activities have on carbon emissions. Saving the world has to start somewhere.

Mette de Linde

Commerce for Umbraco8

We are looking forward to introducing you to an extendable commerce platform for Umbraco8. Let us show you the commerce possibilities within Ucommerce for Umbraco. We’ll altso do a live demo to show the perfect match between Umbraco8 and Ucommerce; we are connecting commerce and content!

Ramona de Wit

I'm done! Did anyone test it?

In an agile world, testing and quality should be a scrum team effort and not just the sole responsibility of the tester. After all, delivering a stable release and a good product at the end of every sprint is the responsibility of the entire scrum team. Though we are aware of this, it’s still difficult to make testing a team effort. So, let’s find out if there’s a way for you to get your team motivated enough to make testing and quality a team effort.

Marc Stöcker

Content Infrastructure for the omni-channel age

Content Management Systems have been around for two decades. In most cases they are still more or less an island. The “website content island”. Only slowly they are seen as content hubs.

Marc Stöcker will show several approaches and cases how Umbraco’s feature set allows creating a content infrastructure for all the modern marketing and communications channels. From content marketing to social media campaigns from app content to customer service, from operators manuals to IoT – how can we leverage the Umbraco platform to provide a central and coordinated user experience for content creators and content managers while not settling for the lowest common denominator either for them nor for the content?

Being the “content infrastructure madman” at Umbraco Gold Partner mindrevolution in Stuttgart (Germany), Marc Stöcker will not focus solely on technical solutions but an overall approach that integrates content reuse, content componentization, the content editing experience as well as the technical aspects involved. He will show you how mindrevolution combines block level editors, grid editors, external data sources, responsive imaging, content syncing, APIs, scheduling and caching to build their leading Umbraco content infrastructure.

Carole Rennie Logan

Umblazing: an adventure with Blazor and Umbraco

Blazor is the new web framework on the block, let’s go on an adventure to see what it can do! 
This session will give an introduction to Blazor, a C# .Net web framework to run in the browser. We will discuss the technologies, explaining the various options for client side and server side Blazor applications then jump into a few examples including integrating with Umbraco as a headless CMS. 
This will be an introductory session for Blazor but will be for developers with some experience in .Net web technologies. The main outcomes will be an understanding of Blazor both client and server side and hopefully an enthusiasm to go explore it further!

Mels Lenstra

Case National Geographic Photo Contest

National Geographic is well known for its breathtaking photography. Every year the company also organises a contest where everyone can submit their photos of nature. A platform for this contest was exactly what DotControl set out to build for National Geographic, using Umbraco CMS. This case is a beautiful example of how AI and an intuitive workflow can be combined to save a lot of time for all users of the site. No wonder it's an Umbraco Awards 2019 Best New Tech winner!

Umbraco Awards 2019 Best New Tech Winner

Richard Soeteman

Workshop - SEO Checker

Learn all ins and outs about SEOChecker for Umbraco from the Author directly. Not only will you learn the basics of SEO, but you will also learn how you can achieve the best results in your next Umbraco implementation. And how you can configure SEOChecker to avoid common SEO issues. 

In just two hours you will: 

  • Get some basic SEO understanding
  • Learn about the various concepts of SEOChecker.
  • Get some best practices for your next Umbraco implementation.
  • Learn how to use the redirect manager.
  • Learn how to avoid 404 errors on your page.
  • Learn how to fix SEO errors on your site.
  • Learn how to train your editors that use SEOChecker when editing content.
  • During the workshop we will use an Umbraco site with the default starter kit and SEOChecker installed. 

Make sure to bring your laptop to get the most out of this workshop.



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